Training Highly Sensitive People to Become Highly Responsive so They can Lead Better Lives

My Goal

To offer a unique and affordable life coaching program that assists the student in the development of emotional intelligence through a 13-tiered experiential program that focuses of self-care, effective decision-making, gratitude, appreciation and optimism development, self-discipline, emotional centering, communication skills, adaptation skills, healthy caring, good habit formation, materialistic management, belief structures, guilt management, and so much more.

Guiding vs Therapy

Understanding the difference between guiding, or coaching, as some refer to it, and traditional therapy is important. We are not therapists, nor are we psychologists. We assist those who need some support and direction in their every day challenge, those who have no one to talk to that understands, and those who are trying to make a concerted effort in self improvement but do not know where to go. We assist those with mental health concerns. As much as we would like to help with mental illness, we’d rather leave that to the professionals.

Mental health is by far the fastest growing concern many people have. Facing everyday problems, often alone, can take a toll on one’s mental health. Our program is designed to give mental health support to those who need it, as well as the tools they need to achieve their own success. We are merely here to point you in the direction and to offer a sounding board to aid you in that success.

If you want to better understand the difference between mental health and mental illness, please click here to check out this website.


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