The links below are shared based on exceptional personal experiences I have had in my travels. I plan to share more as the journey plays out. I was not paid by any of these people listed below, for I believe in sharing good experiences I have had from those who have gone above and beyond in their normal life. Please visit their sites and support them if you can, you will be pleasantly surprised.


OK, I can not say enough about my good friend William Allen! Of all the HSP’s I know he’s the one that opened the door for me and revealed the Highly Sensitive trait world. Lost and lone prior to hearing William (Bill) on a pod cast that dark winter night in 2021, it felt like I had found an oasis in the desert. Bill does so much more than most I know bringing awareness to the HSP trait, especially for men. His inspiring and educational newsletter is always a great read! I recommend you sign up too, as well as he holds regular online conferences for HSP men. Bill’s understanding of the HSP trait helped me come out of a very dark place into a new world full of life and adventure. I strongly suggest you connect with Bill if you or anyone you know believes they might be HSP.