As HSPs, we are born with a highly sensitive nervous system. The fallacy for most is that it means we can not control our emotions. Not entirely true! What it really means is that our nerves pick up on far more stimuli from our environment than that of lower-sensitive people. Think of it as an instrument that measures vibration, some instruments are not as sensitive as others. Research has proven that the body gives off vibrations called frequencies. Me being an electrical specialist, I understand this very well. Electrons in a wire transfer their energy from one copper molecule to another. DO these molecules move in the wire, absolutely not.

               Think about how a cell phone works, there are no wires connecting one to the other and yet we can transport our voice in its exact tone through miles of invisible airwaves, not to mention photographs and even videos. Science has proven that our bodies do something similar, that being transmit frequencies. Technology today has developed sophisticated equipment that detects these frequencies, but we are a long way from truly understanding them. Is there proof that one person can transmit a frequency to another? Not that I have seen, but the bigger question is, why haven’t they researched this? Is it because we just don’t know how yet, or could it be that there’s not enough money in it to justify the cost? I’m leaning toward the latter.

               We HSPs have an advantage as elevated intuition not only comes naturally to us but it’s amplified. I know that my intuition exists. I know this because I have worked very hard at developing it, and I have learned to listen to it. Is it always correct? Not at all. But paying attention to it is an important first step towards developing it. Pay deep attention to it, never ignore it! The next step is to note how many times it is correct. When I first started practicing its development, it was correct 20% of the time. Now, 3 years later, I trust it 60%. You won’t always be right, but I believe you will be surprised just how often you are, and that’s a real gift.

               Now, some HSPs have such a highly intuitive nature that their “Spidey Sense” tingles all the time. They above all, need to learn how to interpret it, for it can cause them to be overwhelmed! Remember F.E.A.R!

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