Some of you may or may not remember the infamous “Jones Town” also known as “The Peoples Temple Agriculture Project”. Where a deranged psychopath named Jim Jones managed to convince 909 followers to “drink the cool aide.” Laced with cyanide, it killed all of them. A horrible event that we should all learn from.

               I have a saying, “People can say anything to anyone, about anyone; doesn’t make it true”. Yet, I have seen time and time again where people will repeat something someone else told them and they believe it. The cool aide I refer to is gossip! People love to gossip! As an HSP, our trusting nature makes us susceptible to this, don’t be! Question everything, especially today when we are being misled by so many so-called “Influencers.”

               It’s ok to listen, but as your intuition develops (Lesson 10), so too will your BS-meter! So, who can you trust? Well for starters, start trusting in yourself. If you practice these 12 lessons I offer or your own version of them, you will gain confidence and so much more!

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